The next Session: Brew Zoo

Rick Lyke is hosting next month’s Session, and today he’s announced the topic: So what is the topic for September? Welcome to the Brew Zoo. Have you ever noticed how many animals show up on beer labels? We have lions and tigers and bears, plus various birds, reptiles, fish, assorted … Continue reading

The Session #6: Fruit Beer

This month’s Session topic comes to us courtesy of Greg Clow over at Beer, Beats & Bites: With all of this fruit on the brain (or more accurately, in my belly), it gave me the idea for a theme for Session #6. Therefore, I hereby declare that on Friday, August … Continue reading

The Session #5: Atmosphere

This month’s Session is being hosted by the Hop Talk guys, and Atmosphere was the theme they came up with: So, we want to know about the “Atmosphere” in which you enjoy beer. Where is your favorite place to have a beer? When? With whom? Most importantly: Why? Weighty topic, and … Continue reading

The next Session announced

The other blogs have noted this already, too… I seem to be falling behind these days. The folks over at the Hop Talk blog are hosting the July Session and have announced the theme: Atmosphere. Beer is about more than flavor, IBUs, and the debate over what is a craft … Continue reading

The Session #4: Local Brews: Deschutes Brewery

It’s that time again: first Friday of the month, time for The Session! This month the theme is Local Brews, hosted by Gastronomic Fight Club, with the goal "to create a guide book of tasting notes to drinking local": The idea here is to be as helpful as possible for … Continue reading

The next Session (June): Local Brews

Next month’s Session is being hosted by the Gastronomic Fight Club and is a departure from the usual theme of tastings by style: Local Brews. The idea here is to be as helpful as possible for visitors to your area. What is the beer/brewery/brewpub that you feel is quintessential to … Continue reading

The Session #3: The Mysterious Misunderstood Mild

Again this month I feel compelled to offer up my own subtitle: "Mild Meanderings." Largely because I wasn’t able to find an actual Mild Ale locally—though I came close, and I’m hopefully there at least in spirit—but also because I’ll be segueing a bit as I write this. The problem … Continue reading

Mild Ale notes (The Session)

The next Session is coming up this Friday, and it’s all about Milds. (Previously.) Jay (who’s hosting) posted a good piece about Mild Ales today, worth reading. The BJCP organizes milds under their Style #11, English Brown Ale, with 11A designated mild and two additional sub-styles, northern and southern English … Continue reading

The next Session (May): Mild Ales

Jay at the Brookston Beer Bulletin is hosting the next installment of The Session, and today he’s announced the topic for May: Mild ales. More specifically: The theme will be “The Mysterious Misunderstood Mild” to coincide with CAMRA’s May promotion Mild Month. Saturday the 5th will also be National Mild … Continue reading

The Session #2: Day of the Dubbels

I wanted to subtitle today’s Dubbels Session, "Dubbel Dubbel Toil and Trouble," but out of respect for Alan‘s running the show this month I abandoned my Bardly-themed title and went with his title. Mine was probably too nerdy, anyway. Dubbels are somewhat under-represented in my beer repertoire, so when I … Continue reading