BeersLatest print article: Crux Coco(a) Stout and other dessert beers

My latest article for the Bulletin is out today in print, and while it’s still two weeks until Valentine’s Day, I took it that direction: Dessert beers sweeten Valentine’s Day. In which I review Crux Fermentation Project‘s new Coco(a) Stout seasonal that they gave me (spoiler: it was good!), touch on … Continue reading

BeersLatest print article: Boneyard’s Dunkelweizen

My latest article that hit the stands yesterday is on a style and a beer that I wouldn’t have expected to see from the like of Bend’s Boneyard Beer: Dunkelweizen! And their Creepy Dunkel. For whatever reason, dunkelweizen is somewhat rare among American brewers, so I reached out to Boneyard … Continue reading

The SessionThe Session #129: Missing Local Beer Styles

This 129th edition of The Session for this first Friday of November is hosted by the Brussels Beer City blog, and the topic brings it home, in a manner of speaking: Missing Local Beer Styles. In 2017 it might seem odd to think that there are beer styles missing from … Continue reading

StylesA Pumpkin Beer Manifesto

It’s that time of year again—and yes, for the day after Halloween, I believe it truly is that time of year again—pumpkin beer time! If you’ve been reading this blog long enough—or if you know me in person—then you know I am an unapologetic pumpkin beer fan. I’ve been drinking … Continue reading

StylesLatest print article: Pumpkin beer!

You know at some point I had to… and they’re coming—pumpkin beers! That’s the topic of my latest print article which showed up in the Bulletin this week: Embracing pumpkin beer season. Most of America’s brewing traditions are imported from other countries — Germany, England and Belgium for the most part. … Continue reading

BeersLatest print article: Fresh hop beers, plus a charity beer

My latest print article out this week is about fresh hops, but more importantly it documents the trip I got to take with Deschutes Brewery back in August to pick up hops for a charity beer. Fresh hop beers are brewing in Central Oregon: On Oct. 7, Deschutes Brewery is hosting … Continue reading

The SessionThe Session #127: Oktoberfest

This month’s edition of The Session tackles a topic that, even though it’s now September (how is it already September?), seems a bit early: Oktoberfest! Our host is Alistair Reece of Fuggled, and he says: “Oktoberfest, in September?!” I hear you exclaim, but as I am sure you know, Oktoberfest begins … Continue reading

BeersAnd just like that, it’s fresh hop season

Despite the wildfires smoking Oregon out right now, fresh hop season is upon us once again! This really hit home for me in the past week, in part because I got to travel over to Goschie Farms to pick up fresh hops for a Deschutes Brewery project, but also because … Continue reading

StylesLatest print article: New England IPAs!

Yes, I succumbed to the dark side and wrote an article for the Bend Bulletin on the latest stylistic hot topic in the beer world: Bend brewers take on New England IPA. I dig a little bit into the history of the style, and cover several of the local breweries who … Continue reading