Xingu Black Beer

It’s international beer tasting or something: the other day I had a beer from India, this time it’s one from Brazil: Xingu Black Beer. I wasn’t totally sure what to expect when I opened this beer up—based on the name, something like a schwarzbier I think—but was surprised when it … Continue reading

BJ’s Brewhouse (Portland)

While we were in Portland, we also had dinner at BJ’s Brewhouse, up on Weidler in the Convention Center district near the Lloyd Center Mall. BJ’s is actually a chain of brewpubs in various western states and Hawaii. Overall, the experience wasn’t bad, but the service left a bit to … Continue reading

Snowplow Milk Stout

I finally got around to drinking Widmer‘s Snowplow Milk Stout and taking notes so I could write up a real review. It’s a good example of the sweet stout style of beer, though the "milk" part of it comes from milk sugar (lactose). Lactose is actually unfermentable; instead it adds … Continue reading

Siletz Chocolate Porter

Tonight I cracked open the bottle of Siletz Chocolate Porter. I had high hopes for this beer, after reading some of the BeerAdvocate reviews, but I hate to say I was disappointed. I don’t know if I got a bad bottle (I suspect I may have), but it was definitely … Continue reading

Monkey Face Porter

I received a six-pack of Cacade Lakes‘ Monkey Face Porter from a friend for Christmas, and figured it was time for a review. I’ve been shockingly lax on reviewing our local fare here, I realize; so, expect more beer reviews and tasting notes in the future on local brews (and … Continue reading

San Diego Brewing Company

The other brewpub we made it to in Southern California (the first being Oggi’s) was San Diego Brewing Company, which apparently doesn’t have a website. Located in a strip mall (like much of San Diego), I wasn’t as impressed with it as with Oggi’s (read my Oggi’s review), but they … Continue reading