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What exactly is Chocolate Cider?

While perusing my local World Market  for Valentine’s Day last month, I came across a unique find. Woodchuck Hard Cider‘s – Cellar Series “Chocolate”. I had to buy it and asked the employee stocking the wine shelves if it was good. She had said they had a tasting out over that weekend and had gotten good responses. That was good enough for me to purchase for a Valentine’s treat. We did not get around to trying it on … Continue reading →

Portland Brewing Rose Hip Gold

Portland Brewing’s spring seasonal, of which they sent me a sample recently, is their Rose Hip Gold, a “Belgian-style ale with notes of fruit and spice and a little citrusy bite from a generous addition of rose hips in the kettle.” I believe they had first released this last year as a new beer in the revamped (re-birthed?) retro line of branding Portland Brewing was undergoing (since they were originally Portland, then MacTarnahan’s, then back). With … Continue reading →

The Session #84: “Alternative” Reviews

Yesterday being the first Friday of the month means it’s time for The Session—and unfortunately, I’m a bit behind and didn’t get this post out for the actual day, but at least it’s the day after! Here in Bend it’s the Snowpocalypse™ has moved in, and it’s been snowing pretty steadily for the past 24-48 hours. We have about 18 inches of snow in the northeast part of town where I live, some reports in … Continue reading →

A look at the new(ish) Bier Stein

A few weeks ago I was in Eugene for a day on a non-beer-related trip, and found time to swing by the “new” Bier Stein for a quick beer and snack. I write “new” but really they moved into their space on Willamette and 16th almost a year ago, in April—but I hadn’t yet been so it’s new to me! It’s super impressive, with tons of space, a fantastic bar with real-time taplist on a … Continue reading →

High Gravity Extravaganza round-up

This past Saturday McMenamins Old St. Francis School here in Bend hosted their first High Gravity Extravaganza event, featuring all strong (or high-gravity) beers pouring for a special mini-fest. They had 17 beers pouring total, special pint glasses (with the four-ounce pour line of course), and instead of tickets or tokens had a special punchcard system worked up: each card held 10 punches, worth $1.25 each good for a four ounce taster (or four for … Continue reading →