BrewDog’s Nanny State: 1.1% alcohol

If there’s one thing Scotland-based upstart BrewDog is known for, it’s publicity: they know how to get attention and drive a story, for good or ill. Recently they engendered just such publicity with the release of their Tokyo* (yes, for some reason there’s an asterisk in the name), a monstrous … Continue reading

Received: Widmer Cherry Oak Doppelbock

Last week I received a package from Widmer Brewing: the first bottle in their new Limited Release Series, Cherry Oak Doppelbock. This new Limited Release line is going to be Widmer’s twice-a-year treat to beer geeks: The Brothers’ Reserve line gives founders and brothers Kurt and Rob Widmer a chance … Continue reading

Received from Deschutes Brewery

UPS arrived today with a box from Deschutes Brewery. Since I’d just received Jubelale less than a month ago, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I suppose it’s obvious in retrospect. Yes, it’s fresh hop season and Deschutes just brewed Hop Trip some three weeks ago; this is possibly … Continue reading

Received: Smashed Pumpkin

FedEx dropped this off tonight: Shipyard Brewing‘s latest in their Pugsley’s Signature Series, Smashed Pumpkin. (I mentioned it previously here.) ‘Tis the start of the season for pumpkin beers, and this one’s a big one: 9% alcohol by volume. I’m anxious to try it—regular readers know that pumpkin beers are … Continue reading

Received: Stone Vertical Epic 09.09.09

It’s the week for getting beer: today I received a bottle of Stone Brewing‘s latest once-yearly masterpiece, Vertical Epic 09.09.09. It’s so-named because the official release is on September 9th; the “Vertical Epic” part comes from the overall scheme: since 2002, Stone has released a Vertical Epic on the month, … Continue reading

More about the Jubelale

I’ve posted the press release for this year’s Jubelale (which I received yesterday). Some interesting bits: Brewer John Abraham describes this year’s Jubelale as having a spiced nose, with hints of citrus, brown sugar and pine. Flavors of chocolate, molasses, dates, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves stand out against the caramel … Continue reading

Received: Deschutes Jubelale

It’s seems a bit early for Christmas, but Deschutes Brewery sent me something anyway: three bottles of the 2009 edition Jubelale, their Winter Warmer. And, what might be an exclusive: first pictures(?) of this year’s label, which I haven’t seen anywhere yet. I knew the beer was being brewed, but … Continue reading

Received: Black Butte XXI

The other day this arrived at my door from Deschutes Brewery: Their Black Butte XXI, this year’s anniversary Reserve Series batch of “double” Black Butte Porter. This year’s version is brewed with chocolate beans and coffee, with 20% aged in bourbon barrels. It’s 11% alcohol by volume. And it’s very … Continue reading

Received: Twilight Ale

Yesterday I received a package from Deschutes Brewery containing three bottles of this year’s Twilight Ale. It’s their summer seasonal and quite a popular one. From the press release: Twilight Ale is a straw-colored ale with a vigorous hop essence and a subtle, wafer-like body that complements the flavor of … Continue reading

Received: Redhook Tripel

Almost no sooner did I write about Redhook’s new Tripel limited release than I receive the bottle I mentioned. It came yesterday, and included a nice bit of glassware. The box came wrapped with gold-embossed red ribbon proclaiming “Redhook Limited Release 2009.” And of course, what’s inside is what counts. … Continue reading