Received: Jubel 2010

This came today: Deschutes Brewery‘s newest Reserve Series beer, Jubel 2010 (“Once a Decade Ale”) and a goblet—which is identical to the goblets they were handing out during their Release Party Friday night (I picked up one of those as well, so now I have two). Incidentally, I can say … Continue reading

Received: Deschutes Hop Henge

The 2010 iteration of Deschutes Brewery‘s Hop Henge Experimental IPA arrived today: The label looks the same as last year, and I checked for the presence of “Batch #” text on the site. (There was none.) I actually still have some bottles of 2009 Hop Henge in my stash; might … Continue reading

Received: Red Chair NWPA, Cinder Cone Red

Christmas Eve day I was home from work early and UPS delivered a last-minute Christmas present from Deschutes Brewery: Three bottles of the new Red Chair NWPA (Northwest Pale Ale) and three bottles of the final release of Cinder Cone Red. Red Chair is of course based on the Red … Continue reading

Received: Buckbean Brewing beer

I received a package yesterday from Buckbean Brewing Company, out of Reno, Nevada: You remember Buckbean: they’re the ones that held the Canned Beer Festival earlier this fall. I’m looking forward to trying these out.

Received: Abyss shirt and brewery goblet

As part of the much-anticipated launch of The Abyss (which is officially today, the 3rd), Deschutes Brewery had sent to me an “official” Release Party invitation, and sweetened the deal with a Brewery goblet and the new Abyss long-sleeved T-shirt. Check it out: That’s a sharp shirt.

Received: A pair of Michelobs

These two beers came in a package for me today: Michelob Bavarian Wheat and the one I’m more interested in trying, their new Rye P.A.—a Rye India Pale Ale. The original press release is here. It’s 5.9% alcohol by volume and has 50 IBUs—not exactly traditional IPA territory but it … Continue reading

Received: Redhook Treblehook Barleywine

Today I received a package containing Redhook‘s new Treblehook Barleywine (for which I ironically posted the press release this morning), the latest in their Limited Release series (the last was their Tripel). It’s a 10.1% alcohol American-style Barleywine, and the brewer encourages aging it (for up to one to three … Continue reading

BrewDog’s Nanny State: 1.1% alcohol

If there’s one thing Scotland-based upstart BrewDog is known for, it’s publicity: they know how to get attention and drive a story, for good or ill. Recently they engendered just such publicity with the release of their Tokyo* (yes, for some reason there’s an asterisk in the name), a monstrous … Continue reading

Received: Widmer Cherry Oak Doppelbock

Last week I received a package from Widmer Brewing: the first bottle in their new Limited Release Series, Cherry Oak Doppelbock. This new Limited Release line is going to be Widmer’s twice-a-year treat to beer geeks: The Brothers’ Reserve line gives founders and brothers Kurt and Rob Widmer a chance … Continue reading

Received from Deschutes Brewery

UPS arrived today with a box from Deschutes Brewery. Since I’d just received Jubelale less than a month ago, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I suppose it’s obvious in retrospect. Yes, it’s fresh hop season and Deschutes just brewed Hop Trip some three weeks ago; this is possibly … Continue reading