Unusual primers when bottling beer

When bottling your homebrew, you typically need to "prime" the beer with a bit of sugar to reinvigorate the yeast enough to produce the desired carbonation in the bottle. This primer can be straight sugar (corn sugar is typical, but table sugar would work too), or another source of fermentable … Continue reading

Ale alchemy

I really like this article on homebrewing: Ale alchemy. It’s a good overview of the craft, an interview with and profile of a guy running a homebrew supply shop, and even an interesting source of homebrew trivia/oddities. Martin poured the dregs of the beer, murky with yeast, into a shot … Continue reading

Peanut Butter Porter recipe

Now here’s a recipe that doesn’t sound half bad: Peanut Butter Porter v0.1, from the SleezySherm Breweries weblog. He took steps to minimize the amount of oil going into the beer; I don’t think you can completely remove the oil from peanut butter, and it’s the oil that prevents head … Continue reading

National Homebrew Day

Saturday, May 7 is National Homebrew Day! Yes, that’s a real holiday; it was officially recognized by Congress on May 7, 1988, and it’s always the first Saturday of May. Here’s the RateBeer article that clued me in, and here’s the Big Brew celebration page on the Brewers Association website. … Continue reading

One book every homebrewer should have

That book, of course, is Homebrewing, Volume 1 by Al Korzonas. It’s excellent. It focuses on beginning and intermediate homebrewing, and it’s packed with tons of info. It’s also got a great troubleshooting section which most other books lack. I’ve always wondered if there was going to be a "volume … Continue reading

Gluten Free Beer

This press release on BeerAdvocate is interesting: The 9th Annual Amber Waves of Grain Homebrewed Beer Competition is looking for beers made with some very special ingredients. This year’s competition has added a special brewing style called "Category 99 – Gluten Free Brewing". This category, sponsored by Bard’s Tale Beer, … Continue reading


The Number One most important thing in homebrewing is sanitation. You can do almost everything else wrong and as long as your sanitation is good, you can still have a drinkable beer. You need to be religious about keeping everything clean. This point is reinforced in this article: Both Tinsen … Continue reading

Breakfast beer

At one point when I was homebrewing more, I was dreaming up ideas for what would make a good breakfast beer. Something that could actually be enjoyed once in awhile with (or for) breakfast, like mimosas or Bloody Marys. A fruit beer, or a lambic like Lindemans Framboise are the … Continue reading

Strange brew

Kind of a throwaway article, but still kind of interesting, "Brewer’s goal is a chicken in every pint" is about an award-winning homebrewer who brews with odd ingredients. Just check out some of the ingredients the award-winning home brewer has put in his beer: spinach, sweet potatoes, marshmallows, tea, coffee, … Continue reading

Exploding beer

If you’ve been homebrewing for any amount of time, odds are you’ve had at least one explosive occurence with your beer. I have had two, and fortunately I was present to see both of them. The first was a fermenting batch of Toad Spit Stout (from The Complete Joy of … Continue reading