Fermentation Friday: The craziest thing ever brewed with

The final Friday of the month has been designated as "Fermentation Friday" for homebrew beer bloggers—think of it as a companion to The Session (which is the first Friday). This month’s FF is hosted by Travis of CNYBrew.com, and he asks the question: What is the craziest concoction you ever … Continue reading

Homebrew Blogging Day: I remember when I started homebrewing

Here’s my homebrewing-themed post for the inaugural Homebrew Blogging Day, as launched by Adam on the Beer Bits 2 blog: "I remember when I started homebrewing." It was the mid-nineties, and I was just discovering good beer. (You can read about that in this month’s earlier Session.) My friend Justin … Continue reading

Anyone need some homebrewing equipment?

This really only applies, I suppose, if you’re local to (Central) Oregon. But my friend Simone is having a big garage sale this weekend, and they’re getting rid of some homebrewing equipment, and as a favor I’m running the list here if anyone’s interested: Primary Fermenter (5 gallon carboy) Stainless … Continue reading

Pumpkin Beer Week: Homebrewing notes

I find it interesting that my pumpkin ale recipe is still the #1 result on Google when someone searches just that ("pumpkin beer recipe" places me at #2). The recipe itself is an extract-based recipe (with partial mash elements), and I thought I’d relay some notes and thoughts on the … Continue reading

Active ferment

Over the weekend I brewed beer, a Poor Richard’s Ale (a variation on my extract recipe here). Five gallons. I’ve been putting the beers in the 6½ (nearly 7) gallon carboy for the primary fermentation, under the (entirely reasonable) assumption that there’s plenty of headspace in the bigger carboy and … Continue reading

The Beer Hacker: Beer brewing software

Wonder of wonders, I’ve finally written another Beer Hacker article! To anyone not familiar with "The Beer Hacker," check out the introduction here. A few years ago I posted on my other blog on the subject of brewing software, and had laid out a set of criteria for what I’d … Continue reading

Tragedy (when beer goes bad)

I had to dump my batch of pumpkin ale that I brewed up last month. It had been sitting in the secondary fermenter for about two weeks, and I was going to bottle it today. When I got the carboy of beer out of the pantry, it was all too … Continue reading


It’s been ages since I’ve done as much homebrewing as I’ve been doing lately, and I’ve been meaning to write a bit about it. Here’s what’s been brewing: The Two-Penny Ale made over the 4th of July holiday. I ended up with something like 30 bottles worth, just over half … Continue reading

4th of July brew

Okay, technically it wasn’t quite a 4th of July brew, since we brewed on Monday the 3rd instead… but you get the idea. I had taken Monday off so my friend Paul (hardcore homebrewer) and I could get together to brew up an all-grain batch of beer. The plan was … Continue reading

It’s National Homebrew Day on Saturday

Saturday is National Homebrew Day again—first Saturday in May. If anyone wants to participate, you can sign up online, and brew one of the Big Brew recipes; Poor Richard’s Ale is one of the recipes this year. Before the event• Register your Big Brew Site • Invite non-brewing and brewing … Continue reading