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The next Session (#41 in July)

The topic for the July Session has been posted, and is being hosted by the “virtual brewery,” Lug Wrench Brewing Company: Craft Beers Inspired by Homebrewing. How has homebrewing had an affect on the commercial beer we have all come to love?  Feel free to take the topic in any direction your imagination leads you. Write about a beer that has its roots in homebrewing.  Write about a commercial beer that originated from a homebrew. Write about … Continue reading →

Coffee Beer Week: Coffee in homebrewing

When it comes to brewing with coffee, homebrewers have it good: small-scale brewing makes it easy and affordable to experiment in ways that larger commercial brewers can’t. For instance, you could split a batch into two equal parts for secondary fermentation and add two different types of coffee to compare; you won’t need much coffee for this and you only need a second carboy. Of course, getting the coffee into your beer is the trick; … Continue reading →

Hop Press today: Stumbling towards all-grain brewing

My Hop Press article today documents my first steps towards actual all-grain brewing: Palmer’s How to Brew outlined “batch sparging”—also the “no sparge” method—which made it clear to me that all I really need is the mash tun, no complications needed. Batch sparging is simple: you mash the grains with the hot water, drain off the hot wort, pour a second “batch” of hot water into the grains, and drain that off. Done. No need … Continue reading →

Rumbullion and other fermented beverages

Being interested in beer and brewing, naturally I tend to wonder about the fermentability of various things, and for some reason I was curious as to what fermented molasses is called. Now, I of course know that molasses that has been fermented and then distilled is rum—but I wanted to know what the intermediate stage (the “beer” stage if you will) is called. There are of course names for other fermented beverages, based on their … Continue reading →

The Beer Hacker: Brewing on the cheap: The $20 beer challenge

This is the latest in a series of articles about the economic impact of brewing your own beer at home. One of the things that inspired this series was a sort of challenge I had in mind: Would it be possible to walk into the Brew Shop with only a $20 bill and walk out with all the necessary ingredients to brew a five-gallon batch of beer? Why $20? Well, at one point when there … Continue reading →