Medieval Ale

The last several posts have taken an historical theme, so I thought I’d throw in another: Binge-drinking an age-old problem (via A Good Beer Blog). Experts have uncovered evidence that 12th century Londoners drank ale by the gallon, starting at breakfast time, due to poor quality drinking water…. Looking back … Continue reading

Stone Age Beer (from Discover)

November’s issue of Discover Magazine has an article titled "Stone Age Beer" (unfortunately, the full article is only available to subscribers) about Dogfish Head Brewery‘s attempt at brewing a 9,000 year-old beer from China. (Other articles are here and here.) It’s a pretty interesting story, beer brewed with rice, grapes, … Continue reading

Pre-Columbian brewery

Picked this article up off the wire: Brewery offers glimpse at pre-Columbian civilizations along Andes. Pretty interesting stuff, concerning an early American brewery circa 600 BC. The brewery serviced the earliest known diplomatic embassy in the Americas, a palace complex atop a steep-sided mesa in southern Peru built by the … Continue reading

St. Arnold Brewing Company

Hot on the heels of my Beer Saints post the other day comes this article about a saint and the brewery named after him: St. Arnold Brewing Company. Legend says St. Arnold of Metz, the patron saint of brewers, advised people to avoid water and drink beer. "From man’s sweat … Continue reading

Beer Saints

Not your everyday beer story: Hurns Brewing Company has dug up information about two dozen beer saints throughout history, according to this article. Beer was an important component of the secular and ecclesiastical diet, especially for monks fasting for their holy orders. Almost every monastery from Mexico to Timbuktu brewed … Continue reading

Some Boston brewing history

Interesting article in the Boston Herald about Boston’s brewing history, worth checking out. Few visible reminders remain – except a two-decades-old beer named after one of the city’s fieriest Revolutionary War patriots – but the Boston of a century ago was a beer-brewing hub to rival Midwestern suds capitals such … Continue reading

Some Pabst History

Some Pabst history this weekend, courtesy of The Journal Times and Wikipedia. From the Glad You Asked column at the Journal Times’ site: [Pabst Blue Ribbon] was originally named Select, but people kept asking for the "Blue Ribbon" beer when Pabst brewing started tying blue-silk ribbons to the bottles in … Continue reading