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The Session #51: Beer and Cheese Pairing (Part 2)

For this month’s Session Jay Brooks tasked us to pair beer and cheese, and selected three cheeses (a cheddar, a blue, and a chèvre) to pair with beers and write about. I’m breaking my Session notes into three parts, covering a beer and cheese pairing each, and the first pairing I wrote about was Fort George Brewing’s Vortex IPA with Tillamook Vintage White Cheddar. Besides the cheese suggestions, Jay also posted notes suggesting what styles … Continue reading →

The Session #51: Beer and Cheese Pairing (Part 1)

First Friday of the month among beer bloggers (both dedicated and casual) means it’s time for The Session, the group blogging effort whereupon we all virtually get together and write up a particular topic. Jay Brooks is hosting this month, and he’s chosen a topic and set guidelines to make this probably the most engaging Session yet: Beer and Cheese. Below are three cheeses. I chose ones that I believe are available throughout the U.S. … Continue reading →


Or perhaps this should be called “Alenog”: over on the “This is why you’re fat” blog is this concoction: “Ale boiled with butter, sugar, an egg yolk and topped with a whipped cream and nutmeg.” It simultaneously sounds gross and intriguing.

The Session #30: Beer Desserts

It’s the first Friday of the month, and that means it’s time for The Session for beer bloggers across the web! The Session is a group blogging project that any blogger (whether or not they regularly write about beer) can participate in: each month a different “host” is selected and they get to determine the topic that everyone will write about. The posts are published on the first Friday of the month and all the … Continue reading →

The Session #30 announced

The announcement for next month’s Session (#30!) is up over at Beer 47: Beer Desserts. Beer may not be a common ingredient in desserts but when it is used properly, the results can be very delicious. A couple of desserts that I’ve tried making in the past have been beer brittle (pictured above) and stout chocolate cake. Another common beer dessert is a beer float. For the August 2009 edition of the The Session, Beer … Continue reading →