Oregon Beer Week

Apparently we’re smack in the middle of Oregon Beer Week. Huh. I’d forgotten about this, even though I blogged about it two months ago. I’ll be sure to have some (more) Oregon beer this week.

Not going to the Oregon BrewFest after all…

No, it turns out I won’t make it to the Oregon Brewers Festival this year. Which sucks. Maybe next year. We’ll see. I was all set to blog it, too. I guess I’ll just watch for reviews from other bloggers.

Oregon Brewers Festival 2005

The other day my wife pointed out that this year’s Oregon Brewers Festival is from July 28 through 31… the last full weekend in July, as it always is. What makes this notable is that it’s the first last full weekend that we won’t be celebrating my son’s birthday—he was … Continue reading

Oregon Beer Week

Found this story on RateBeer: OBF Announces Oregon Beer Week. The Oregon Brewers Festival is pleased to announce "Oregon Beer Week," a weeklong celebration of craft beer by Oregon’s specialty breweries. Oregon Beer Week will begin July 23 and feature a variety of special events taking place at craft breweries … Continue reading

Mondial de la bière

Now here’s a festival that got my attention: Mondial de la bière, in Montréal, June 1 through 5. Some 340 beers and a beer conference even, featuring six beer experts holding 45-minute seminars. Sounds très cool. The beer experts at the conference ("Conference MBeer05") are Stephen Beaumont, Jean-Claude Colin, Mario … Continue reading

National Homebrew Day

Saturday, May 7 is National Homebrew Day! Yes, that’s a real holiday; it was officially recognized by Congress on May 7, 1988, and it’s always the first Saturday of May. Here’s the RateBeer article that clued me in, and here’s the Big Brew celebration page on the Brewers Association website. … Continue reading

Blooms and Brews festival

The first "Blooms and Brews" beer festival is coming up April 22 and 23 at the Oregon Garden. Where’s the Oregon Garden? In Silverton, east of Salem (don’t worry, I had to look it up too). The inaugural Blooms and Brews Craft Beer Festival is April 22-23, and organizers hope … Continue reading

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patty’s Day for all you beer drinkers out there (non-beer drinkers too)! Grab a Guinness and enjoy it. And I’ve even got a link to share: Celebrating St. Paddy’s Day. According to that article, among other things, there are currently 376 breweries in the United States. And on … Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day beer guide

If there’s any one holiday that has anything to do with beer, it is of course St. Patrick’s Day, and I’d be remiss by not blogging about it—even though I’m blogging a week early. The Hail the Ale! blog has a St. Patrick’s Day Beer Guide listing some beers you … Continue reading

February Events

Better late than never: some beer events for February. KLCC Microbrew Festival: Friday (today) and Saturday, February 11 and 12, in Eugene, Oregon. Microbreweries from all over the West! Admission is $10 and includes souvenir glass and 1 drink ticket. Brews are 50 cents a taste. Beerapalooza: Saturday, February 12 … Continue reading