Pelican Pub’s GABF award

BeerAdvocate reports on a Great American Beer Festival item that I missed: one of my favorite (though least-visited) brewpubs, the Pelican Pub & Brewery, was awarded Small Brewpub of the Year. For the second time in six years, the Pelican Pub & Brewery was named "Small Brewpub of the Year" … Continue reading

Village Voice’s New York microbrewery roundup

The Village Voice has a good roundup of New York microbreweries here. Not a huge article, but it highlights and links to 10 breweries, only a couple of which I’d heard of before.

More breweries with Katrina aid

Abita Brewing Company just north of New orleans is brewing a special beer and offering special merchandise to raise money for Katrina aid, reports the Beer Travelers blog and Half Moon Bay Brewing Company is matching donations dollar for dollar for disaster relief. Cambridge Brewing Company is hosting a … Continue reading

Visiting Alaskan Brewing

While in Juneau on the cruise, we took a taxi to the Alaskan Brewing Company to see the operation, drink some beer and buy some souvenirs. And take some pictures, of course. Read on for the full review and photos.

Breweries helping in the aftermath of Katrina

It’s good to see breweries pitching in and helping in whatever way they can in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Here’s a few pointers: Anheuser-Busch brewery bottling water for hurricane relief: AB has got several of their breweries canning drinking water and delivering it to the Gulf Coast. Here’s a … Continue reading

Granville Island beers

We only spent a night (and part of a morning) in Vancouver, B.C., not enough time to find out if and where any breweries existed there. At least, not until we ate at a restaurant and I found the Granville Island Brewery on the menu. (Incidentally, the restaurant was Joe … Continue reading

Mill Creek Brewpub Review

I’m in Walla Walla tonight (as I wrote about last month), and got a chance to visit the Mill Creek Brewpub for dinner. Verdict: worth a visit if you’re in or around Walla Walla. Mill Creek is the only microbrewery within a 50 mile radius of Walla Walla, and it’s … Continue reading

Miller’s 150th

Wow, Miller Brewing Company (grrrr age check nonsense) is going to be 150 next month. That’s impressive. The Chicago Sun-Times has an article about Miller, and I found this timeline on a TV station’s website, oddly enough. I didn’t know Miller High Life has been around since 1903… When Frederick … Continue reading

Mill Creek Brewpub

Goings-on at work may have me heading up to Walla Walla, Washington, for a night in the next few weeks, and out of curiosity I thought I’d check online and see if there are any breweries up there. (Wineries abound; Walla Walla is lately reinventing itself as a top wine … Continue reading

Map of streetcar-accessible brewpubs in Portland

An excellent post on Rooftop Brew today—Andy’s put together a PDF "map of beer bars and brewpubs in downtown Portland that are accessible by streetcar. The brewpubs and beer bars were selected based on’s Beerfly guide (of which I’m a local guide), which only includes brewpubs or bars that … Continue reading