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Announcing: My first book deal!

I am very, very pleased to announce that I’ve been contracted by the History Press to write a book on the history of beer in Bend and Central Oregon! To be titled Bend Beer: A History of Brewing in Central Oregon, plans are for it to be published by late summer of next year, as a part of the History Press’s American Palate series for beer. To get an idea of the type and “flavor” the … Continue reading →

Gift ideas for beer geeks

With just over a week to go until Christmas, you may be struggling with ideas of what to get for your resident beer geek. Fortunately as there always are this time of year, there are a number of beer gift guides for you to check out. The New School, for instance, has a three-part series running down some great if obscure beer-related gifts, presented with a suitable amount of colorful commentary; check out Part One, … Continue reading →

Help support Angelo De Ieso, one of beer blogging’s best

One of beer blogging’s best-known and most-loved figures, Angelo De Ieso who founded one of my favorite beer blogs Brewpublic, was in the hospital recently where it was discovered he has a benign brain tumor. As scary as that is, because of the extended hospital stay, brain surgery, anti-seizure medications and more, Angelo has amassed over $200,000 in medical bills that have to come out-of-pocket as he doesn’t have medical insurance. This is where we get … Continue reading →

Mystery Beer!

On Saturday we were getting some growler fills at The Growler Guys and noticed that there was a shelf of bombers that were being sold for $1 each for each growler filled. My wife saw a label-less bottle that had “Try me if you dare” written on it and couldn’t resist grabbing it to see if I could figure out what it was. The only clues (before opening) were a faded Flat Tail Brewing bottle … Continue reading →

Site is back online; thanks for the patience

As I posted on Facebook last night, you may have noticed that the site was down from roughly noon yesterday until about noon today: apparently a rogue WordPress plugin (WordPress is the blog software that powers this site) that was recently updated was the culprit, spawning too many database connections so that the service provider had to disable the site. All fixed now, though I’m still monitoring the site status and keeping a close eye … Continue reading →