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Bend’s The Growler Guys debuting an exclusive beer

Bend’s first growler fill station, The Growler Guys (who were the first growler station in Oregon and essentially kicked off the fill station craze), have teamed up with Silver Moon Brewing to produce an exclusive specialty beer that will only be available on tap at the Growler Guys. Here are the details: How many of us have come to love our Growler Guys manager Dolly Haney? We love her enough to create a beer in … Continue reading →

The Mountain Jug: new bottleshop and taproom in Sunriver, Oregon

On Saturday night I was invited to a special “friends and family” party down in Sunriver (about 17 miles south of Bend) at the Mountain Jug, a new bottleshop and specialty beer taproom opened by Mark and Tonya Cornett (she of 10 Barrel Brewing fame)—and in addition to being a great party, it was a good introduction to Sunriver’s only specialty beer shop. The Mountain Jug occupies an unassuming space in a log cabin-style building … Continue reading →

Greetings and Salutations!

Greetings loyal followers of the Brew Site! Before a new voice begins contributing to the site from outside the state of Oregon, I felt a little introductory post was needed. I’ve followed my brother’s blog for many, many years and have had the pleasure of drinking many, many beers with Jon often discussing beer, breweries, or even opening up my own brewpub! While Jon is what I’d call a beer academic (or connoisseur if he … Continue reading →

Beer Bloggers Conference 2013

I’m late with this news which came out a month ago (December is a busy blogging month for this site), but the date and location for the 2013 Beer Bloggers Conference (the American version) were announced: Boston, from July 26 through 28. From the Location page: We are extremely excited to be bringing the Beer Bloggers Conference to Boston, Massachusetts. Boston is, in some ways, the home of the craft beer explosion thanks to the … Continue reading →

Looking back on 2012

It’s been awhile I think since I last did a year-end roundup of beer news, so I went back through the archives for 2012 and pulled out some of the highlights for the past year. I suppose for a Bend, Oregon-based beer blog I’d naturally be biased towards Oregon and Bend in particular, but I do have to say, looking back, that this did seem to be the “year for Bend beer” when you tally … Continue reading →