Blogging is officially slow for a few.

Yes, I fell off the radar there for a few days, and look out, it’s going to happen again: we’re bound for San Diego next week. This weekend was an anniversary weekend, which meant time away with no computer access. One highlight from last week, though: Stan Hieronymus and his … Continue reading

Economics: Six-Pack Equivalent Calculator

Here’s a little beer-economics gem: Bill at It’s Pub Night has flexed his Javascript chops and written a “Six-Pack Equivalent Calculator” that lets you select what size package someone is selling beer for, and how much, and it will tell you approximately how much you would be paying if you … Continue reading

Site upgrade

Not much to blog about that is beer-related tonight, but I just completed a major WordPress upgrade for the blog—so let me know if there’s any weirdness going on.

Bend beer bits

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a local beer scene roundup here, and I’ve certainly extolled the beer cred of Bend, Oregon, many times before. So let’s take a look. Deschutes Brewery: Coming up on June 20th, they’ve got their annual legendary barrel-aged beer tasting, which for $40 will get … Continue reading


Updating the Press Releases this evening, an a couple of items caught my interest. First, the long-awaited (by me, at least) #3 in the “LTD” series from Full Sail: a Pilsner. I was beginning to wonder since they released 01 and 02 several times. It’ll be available this summer from … Continue reading

Early reviews for Beer Wars

The Beer Wars movie premiered tonight (one! night! only!) in theaters around the country. I didn’t go, but I’ve seen some comments on twitter about it and some early blog reviews are in. Barley Vine’s review Adam’s review at Beer Bits Rick Lyke’s review The BeerAdvocate forum thread All in … Continue reading

Baker City beer notes

Some final notes about the beer scene in Baker City, Oregon (where we visited last weekend)… The biggest beer selection in town (from a restaurant) is at Paizano’s Pizza—that’s the pizza parlor owned by our friend Kina, whom we were visiting. They’ve gone out of there way to establish a … Continue reading

Blog updates and homebrewing

The blog is mostly upgraded now, and though there are still theme issues to work out and plugins to play with, overall the WordPress install is running good enough for government work, as they say. Good enough to resume regular blogging while I tweak with things, anyway. Even found some … Continue reading

Updates, upgrades, Theme Week

Some major changes are going to be happening here at The Brew Site over the course of this week, starting (roughly) today: I’m going to upgrading/migrating the site over to WordPress. Accordingly, there won’t be a Theme Week this month—or if you prefer, the Theme Week is going to be … Continue reading

Odds and ends

Catching up on some items of interest that for some reason or another I haven’t commented on yet. Beer Wars: The Movie. Everyone and his dog has been talking this up, and despite the something this looks like an interesting documentary on the rise of craft beer. Director Anat Baron … Continue reading