Apocalypse BeerBeware botulism in your prison hooch

I get a fair number of emails these days related to beer and alcohol, many of which are press releases of various types, but occasionally one arrives that’s offbeat and interesting. Case in point: a pointer to this article on Botulism from Drinking Pruno from the US National Library of Medicine. I … Continue reading

Apocalypse BeerApocalypse Beer: How to Ferment Anything

Did that catch your attention? Good! Understanding fermentation is a key component to making beer (indeed, any alcohol) but it turns out, the formula for fermentation is really pretty simple: Water + Sugar + Yeast = Alcohol You might think that the yeast is the biggest unknown here, but in … Continue reading

Apocalypse BeerApocalypse Beer: Your first brew

In many homebrewing books there is often an early chapter that covers the very basics of brewing your first batch of beer, guiding you through the process and fully explaining each step. That’s what this is: a step-by-step guide to brewing your first batch of Apocalypse Beer, starting with the simplest … Continue reading

Apocalypse BeerApocalypse Beer: Which apocalypse?

Before we can get down to the “how-tos” of brewing beer in this new world, it would be helpful to examine a few of these apocalyptic scenarios to get a feel of what we’re up against and to determine how likely it is we’ll be able to brew in each case.

Apocalypse BeerApocalypse Beer

Introducing Apocalypse Beer, and how to brew it: The first guide to brewing beer after the world has ended.