Catching up

Now that Christmas is over and the Advent Calendar feature is done for another year, I can catch a breath and catch up on my "regular" blogging! I have some 13 reviews to write up—with more coming as I have a bunch of new beers to drink and review—particularly some of the samples that have been sent from breweries (Flying Dog and Southampton both sent me beers).

For my birthday I got a Beer of the Month club subscription (three months’ worth), so I’ll have lots of new beers to be writing about the next few months.

And other things; the Taste Your Beer kit I blogged about earlier came, and I’ve been behind in reviewing that as well.

Not to mention the Session is coming up next Friday; it’s being hosted by brewvana and the theme is Doppelbocks. I have the bottle (magnum!) of Collaborator Doppelbock from Flying Dog’s Open Source Beer Project, so I may very well write about that, along with a divergence into open source and free culture and who knows what else. Or maybe not, we’ll see.

Lots of stuff coming, on into the new year!