Canned Beer Week 2

Canned Beer Week 2It’s the third Monday of the month, and The Brew Site is back with a Theme Week after a summer hiatus. This time around it’s a topic revisited: Canned Beer Week 2.

Back in February ’08, I first devoted a week to exploring beer that comes in cans—not the American Macro brews (which is another topic I’ve covered twice before)—but craft beer.

Craft beer, you’re wondering? Yes indeed: a growing number of microbrewers is releasing their beers in cans rather than (or in addition to) bottles, and people are becoming more and more aware of the advantages cans have over glass. Let’s reiterate a bit as a refresher:

  • They’re lighter than glass, making them easier to lug around, plus they won’t break on you;
  • They cool down more quickly than bottles;
  • They’re more “stackably” ergonomic—that is, they stack and store better than bottles;
  • They allow no light to strike the beer at all, meaning no skunked (lightstruck) beer.

Since the last Canned Beer Week there has been a relative explosion in the number of craft brewers canning their beer, and what is more available to me to drink and review. So it’s definitely time to take a new look.


  1. Hey Jon,

    I would recommend oskar blues. I have had the Gordon, VERY good. Gotta love a nice DIPA 8.6% (I think, not sure exactly) in a can! I had the yella pils, it was okay, but I hear fantastic things about Ten Fidy and Old Chub. Check them out and let us know.

    Geoff Marlowe

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