Buying beer online

Shannon has a couple of pointers to online sources for beer: John’s Grocery and Internet Wines and Spirits. She’s jonesing for her Boulevard Wheat and is looking for a source. The problem? Exorbitant shipping prices.

So, anyone know of decent sources for beer online, that don’t charge outrageously for shipping? I’ll start a list.


  1. The trick is to get in to a trading circle then have someone send you the beer at publisher rates for books.

    Shipping (and the abundance of beer here) has kept me from buying online.

  2. There is a fellow in Tigard who has a very nice selection (he is on Scholl’s Ferry Road, but I forget the cross street — It is "way out there" from my PDX perspective). Anyway, his website is, although I have never ordered anything for shipping, so can’t speak to the rates.

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