Buying beer online

Shannon has a couple of pointers to online sources for beer: John’s Grocery and Internet Wines and Spirits. She’s jonesing for her Boulevard Wheat and is looking for a source. The problem? Exorbitant shipping prices.

So, anyone know of decent sources for beer online, that don’t charge outrageously for shipping? I’ll start a list.

2 Responses to Buying beer online

  1. Andy says:

    The trick is to get in to a trading circle then have someone send you the beer at publisher rates for books.

    Shipping (and the abundance of beer here) has kept me from buying online.

  2. Mark Oliver says:

    There is a fellow in Tigard who has a very nice selection (he is on Scholl’s Ferry Road, but I forget the cross street — It is "way out there" from my PDX perspective). Anyway, his website is, although I have never ordered anything for shipping, so can’t speak to the rates.