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Buckbean Brewing is closing

Sorry to see the news this weekend that Reno’s Buckbean Brewing Company is going to be closing its doors. I saw the story come through from KOLO, Reno’s local ABC TV station:

A popular Nevada brewery announced Friday that it will be shutting down operations at the end of February.

Buckbean Brewing Company in Reno opened with much fanfare in April of 2008 with its lineup of can and keg beer, that quickly became a staple in stores, bars and restaurants.

[O]wner Doug Booth said that the sluggish economy and a higher-than-projected cost of doing business eventually forced the brewery to close.

Booth added that Buckbean is announcing its closing date now so that they can thank their customers and give their loyal fans a chance to drop by the brewery and have their final Buckbean brew, or grab a case of discounted beer.

Buckbean is selling all of its brewing equipment to other brewers, and there is a possibility that another  brewer will open up in the space they are vacating in the future.

Buckbean is also running deep discounts in their final weeks of operation as they sell the last of their beer inventory. Customers are welcome to stop by the brewery and buy discounted cases, four-packs, growler refills or kegs of Buckbean beer.

The brewery confirmed the closing and final deals on its Facebook page.

One of the earlier craft brewers to can their beer, Buckbean had sent me their four canned offerings a little over two years ago. Except for one can (the Tule Duck which was bad), they were all decent beers that I reviewed favorably.

They were also responsible for organizing and holding Canfest, the international canned beer festival held annually in Reno (the last one was back in November). I don’t know if Buckbean’s closing means that Canfest will be discontinued, but I hope not; I like the idea of a canned beer fest/showcase and definitely think it’s something that should be kept going (and if so, I’ll make it down there for it someday).