BridgePort Brewpub Closing for 10 Months

Andy pointed me to this story today: BridgePort BrewPub closing for 10-month renovation.

BridgePort BrewPub, a Portland landmark, will close its doors on Dec. 23 for a 10-month renovation.

…the remodel will retain the soul of the building, while broadening the appeal of the pub to the booming population of the surrounding neighborhood.

Changes include a bakery, a large glass atrium in the rooftop, expansion of the main bar to two stories, and the addition of a rooftop bar. BridgePort is the oldest microbrewery in Oregon, but I’ve never actually been to the brewpub. Sounds like some interesting changes, maybe I’ll check it out sometime after next October if I happen to be in Portland.

10 months? Jeez. At least their brewing and dock sales will still be open…

Also BridgePort’s own article here.