Boston Tea Party Ale

This article spotlighted an unusual beer from Boston Beer Works (one of the most unusable websites I’ve seen): Boston Tea Party Ale. Apparently it’s brewed with a lot of tea, and served over ice.

Beer Works doesn’t seem to be pandering to micro-brew-loving snobs with this one – except that anyone who loves beer ought to love innovation and experimentation as well. As with its previous daring concoctions, such as peanut-butter porter, Beer Works has created a unique, compelling taste in defiance of all logic.

Boston Tea Party Ale is brewed with real tea and lemon essence, resulting in a refreshing yet invigorating beer. From sip to sip, the flavor evolves with the melting ice. What starts as a bracing ale with sweet-tea undertones eventually becomes a fizzy iced tea with a kick.

Different. I actually like the sound of that peanut butter porter…