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Boneyard Beer (Bend)

You might remember about a year and a half ago I blogged about the forthcoming Brewtal Brewing here in Bend; last November I noted that there was no further word about it and wondered. So what happened? They became Boneyard Beer and have begun brewing beer! (Their Facebook page is here.)

They are a 20-barrel production brewery located at 37 NW Lake Place (Suite B), just on the very edge of the downtown area. They (will?) have a tasting room and plan to sell beer directly from the brewery (retail). I presume they’ll be selling to accounts in town as well.

Most interestingly, they are apparently planning to can their beer; according to their “services” page they’ll be canning in 16-ounce cans—not something you see a lot of with craft beer.

And yes, they’re brewing; on April 17th they posted on Facebook, “Big day yesterday…First official brew in our 20 barrel brew house!!”

That now puts Central Oregon at eight commercial craft brewers.

Boneyard Beer
37 NW Lake Place, Suite B
Bend, OR 97701
Phone (541) 323 -2325
Fax (541) 323 2326

Big day yesterday…First official brew in our 20 barrel brew house!!