Blue Oregon on Roots Brewing

BlueOregon has a good article on Roots Organic Brewing, the brewery I wrote about back in April. It’s quite a bit more comprehensive than my original note about the brewery.

Craig and Jason are currently the whole staff. If you stop in, one of them will pour you a beer (if you find yourself shaking the bartender’s hand, that’s Craig), and if you order a sandwich, one of them will scuttle over to the side of the bar and make it for you on the spot. And if they blow a keg—as they did last night with the stout—one of them will wheel around to the brewery, which encircles the pub in stainless steel, and whip up a new batch. As I was on my way out, Craig stopped to sniff the air. "Smell that?" he asked. "That’s the stout Jason just started." It was eight-thirty at night.

Artists and brewers are not beholden to office hours.