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Big Beer Week

February is a short month, which is why Theme Week almost slipped away from me—but not to worry! I do have a plan!

Something about February always says “big beer” for me (like when I hosted The Session back in 2008 and declared it Barleywine season): perhaps it’s the depths of winter when a big, warming beer is comfort food, perhaps it’s simply the daylight hours are growing visibly longer and it feels contemplative. Regardless, this month’s Theme Week here at The Brew Site is all about the beers that are “big” in some way—Big Beer Week.

I have plenty of big beers to review—of course, it helps that I splurged some of my Christmas money on some high-strength specialties, and of course everyone’s dying to know how the Jubel 2010 turned out, right? (And needless to say, I won’t be covering the Pyramids this week.)