Bend’s horse-drawn beer tour

Of all the ways Bend (Oregon) is becoming known as a beer destination—six breweries active within Bend itself, with three more potentially on the way, among other things—a horse-drawn beer tour is not something that would have made any list of predictions I could have made about what would be next.

If you’re driving in downtown Bend and suddenly feel like you’re in a certain brand’s beer commercial, don’t worry, you’re not seeing things — it’s Bend’s new horse-drawn beer tour, a different-horsepower version of Bend’s popular Ale Trail.

Bend’s Well-traveled Fork joined forces with the Cowboy Carriage Co. to kick off the new service, which debuted Sunday.

As part of the brew tour, they’ll also serve up some tasty lunch grub, prepared by chef Bette Fraser, and chat with horse conductor Ryan Moeggenberg.

This is one of those tidbits I really don’t know what to do with. I’ve heard of beer tours, and beers buses, but horse-drawn carriages? In the middle of winter? The video from the local news site shows just an open flatbed carriage; if it was me, I’d think about going a little more luxurious, stagecoach-style, and serve some local beers while you’re riding along.

No word on prices or days/hours of operation yet.