Bend’s The Growler Guys debuting an exclusive beer

Mo-Hop-Head-DollyBend’s first growler fill station, The Growler Guys (who were the first growler station in Oregon and essentially kicked off the fill station craze), have teamed up with Silver Moon Brewing to produce an exclusive specialty beer that will only be available on tap at the Growler Guys. Here are the details:

How many of us have come to love our Growler Guys manager Dolly Haney? We love her enough to create a beer in her honor.

A collaboration beer with our friends at Silver Moon Brewing, the Mo-Hop-Head-Dolly is being revealed this Friday at The Growler Guys Station. 10.2% ABV and over 100 IBUs makes this beer… pretty freaking hoppy. The Mo-Hop-Head-Dolly is EXCLUSIVE to The Growler Guys, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. Thanks again to Silver Moon for making this brew happen!

I got a chance to taste Mo-Hop-Head-Dolly (read it like “Muhammad Ali”) a little while back and (spoiler alert) it’s a beauty: pungently fragrant, full of piney, resinous hops, and big—really big. It’s in the same beer family as Silver Moon’s recent Batch 1000 Imperial IPA and with this one they’ve refined the recipe to lighten up the “stickiness” of the hops (which sounds weird when it’s 100+ IBUs) so that it’s not heavy but brought forth more of the intense hop flavors, and it’s really bright and green as a result.

It’s a really good beer. And I’m not just saying that because—full disclosure—the company I work for (though not me personally) developed and maintains the website for the Growler Guys (which is what netted me the advance taste). Silver Moon brews terrific beers, and this one is no exception.

It goes on tap tomorrow, Friday the 15th, just in time for the St. Patrick’s Day weekend. I don’t know yet what it will cost to fill a growler, but if you’re a fan of Imperial IPAs, big beers, and intense hoppiness, then you’re going to want to check this one out.

Update: I just got the word that the beer is available at 4pm, and the growler cost is $10.99 for a fill.

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  1. i was fortunate enough to have been able to buy a growler of mo hop head dolly. nice, nice beer. “hops” it comes back!

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