Bend’s Abbey Pub changing hands, name

The Abbey PubThere are changes in store for The Abbey Pub here in Bend: owner Geoff Marlowe has sold Pub to a group that is planning on expanding and adding an even larger beer selection. The announcement was included in the latest emailed draft list:

Finally, as some of you know I have sold the Pub and a new group of people are coming in. This is going to be exciting to see the changes that they are going to be implementing. They are going to be expanding into the space next door and adding an expansive bottle selection. So I need to drain the above kegs, thus ALL PINTS WILL BE $3.50 until the kegs are gone! I know several are getting low so if you want the best selection get on down sooner than later. Thanks for all your support over the last 2 1/2 years. Hope to see you soon.

After emailing for more details, I learned than it’s a group of four who are buying the Pub and are planning on expanding into the space next door (a former wine bar/tasting room named WineStyles) and installing a big cooler to hold many more bottles. Tentatively, the name will be “Broken Top Bottle Shop” but as with anything else that could change.

I’m sorry to see the Pub change, its a neat space and mellow bar with good taps—and who could forget it was the only Central Oregon venue to get a keg of Pliny the Younger last year? Though I’m glad it’s not shutting doors entirely, and let’s hope the new owners are successful in the transition.


  1. My brother and I greatly enjoyed spending time at Abbey Pub. Geoff was always awesome and the beer selection was amazing.

    I’m sorry to see it change.

    “By Geoff!”

  2. Hats off to Geoff!
    Thanks for the pioneering work at The Abbey.
    I’m certain we can look forward to what’s next for a spot that will be known to many of us as ‘The Old Abbey’.
    I appreciate your vision and your efforts…

  3. I just hope they keep a dartboard in there. It didn’t have the best placement, but it brought my husband and I in multiple times.

  4. Hello Beer Lovers!

    What Jon reports is correct! Broken Top Bottle Shop & Ale Cafe has moved into the space previously occupied by the Abbey Pub!

    Check us out at, which directs you to our facebook page for now, and please Like us on facebook!

    Broken Top Bottle Shop & Ale Café will be opening our Ale Café in early February!!! (Bottle Shop coming soon thereafter!)

    The Ale Café will offer a rotating 12 tap selection of craft and specialty beer, along with wine and other beverages, to be paired with delicious, healthy food, such as smoked meats, panini sandwiches, appetizers, soups, salads, as well as awesome vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options (whipped up by Chef Bethlyn Rider). We’ll also have chilled single bottle and canned beer you can purchase from our coolers to drink at Broken Top Bottle Shop or take to-go. We won’t charge you a corking fee on the bottled and canned beer you buy to drink here. And, you can buy your to-go beer as single bottles or cans, mixed-and-matched in any number, 6-packs, and 12-packs. Come on by in early February and taste some great draught beer, have some scrumptious food, and pick up some beer to go!

    COMING SOON… the Bottle Shop!!

    The Ale Café portion of Broken Top Bottle Shop is only the beginning!! We’ll soon be expanding into the suite next door in order to offer you over 700 varieties of single bottle and canned beer in our retail Bottle Shop. Only Broken Top Bottle Shop & Ale Café will offer this unique combination of tasty food, a variety of draught craft and specialty beer, and a grand selection of bottled and canned beer for on- and off-site consumption.

    Come be a part of this beer community!

    Broken Top Bottle Shop

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