Bend: “It’s the water”

Bend Oregon BeerOne of the reasons why Bend beer is so good? The City of Bend issued a press release today:

Bend drinking water wins best tasting award

Bend’s water was awarded first prize at the Annual Best Tasting Water Contest held by the Pacific Northwest’s Cascade to Coast subsection of the American Water Works Association.

The water sample from the City of Bend, taken from the City’s surface water source springs, won first place this year with a score of 95 out of 120 points. A number of factors contribute to the taste of tap water, including its source, treatment process, pipes and reservoirs. Judges, after a blind taste test, rated water samples based on odor, flavor, and aftertaste. Bend’s water was described as “clean, crisp, and grassy,” with a “nice aftertaste.”

The four judges included a brewery owner, a winemaker, a water analysis systems company official, and a former National Football League fullback. Thirteen water utilities submitted samples to compete for the title on Feb. 16, 2012, in Eugene. Contestants followed strict guidelines for collecting and storing water samples. This was the fifth year of the competition.

As winner of this year’s contest, the City of Bend is eligible to compete for the Pacific Northwest Section title of Best Tasting Water May 2-4 in Yakima, WA.

Apparently it really is the water!

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  1. “It’s the Water” worked for Olympia [when it was bewed in Tumwater, WA – NOT Hawthorne, CA], and, is a fair acknowledgement of the reality of the primary water source for Bend, the Bridgecreek Watershed on the back side of the Sisters in Oregon’s Cascades.

    Stay tuned for NY’s version of this GR8 water story in far northern NY’s Adirondacks. The 9300 square miles of the Adirondacks are the only constitutionally-protected watershed(s) in the world. the BIG difference between NY’s ‘Dacks’ and the Bridgecreek watershed, VOLUME. Between 9-10 TRILLION gallons/year of PURE, soft, virgin ‘wid’ water flows out of the 5 [major] watersheds of the ADKs. So, when summer comes in the high desert plateau of central Oregon, and secondary wells have to be taped in Bend and Portland, NY’s Adirondacks will STILL be FLUSH w/’Blue Gold’.

    Looking to brew world class craft beers w/pure, soft, virgin water America? Give us a look see : )

    ADKBREWCO – Adirondack Brewers Coalition / / New York is OPEN for Business

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