Below Grade Brewing approved?

Back in September there was a flurry of new breweries in Bend being announced, and Below Grade was the latest of them. I hadn’t heard much more about them until a note on Twitter today:

Excited about walking down the street (6 doors) to fill my growler of beer from my neighbors brew. Just state approved Below Grade brewery.

So things are apparently moving forward. I don’t know what kind of timeline that means yet, however. In the meantime, a quick search turned up a relatively new Facebook page for Below Grade (last updated a month ago); hopefully we’ll see some more news soon.

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  1. The following is our March 14, 2011 Press Release:

    Bend’s Neighborhood Brewer
    Ready to Open Below Grade Brewing

    For everyone who has been following the epic saga of getting Bend’s newest brewery off the ground, Dean Wise is pleased to announce that Below Grade Brewing received approval from the Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (the federal brewery-approving behemoth) on March 4, 2011, and he plans to have fantastically big ales available to fill your growler in 6-8 weeks. We will start by offering the (yet to be named) Double IPA that created all the buzz, and soon will add more beers to our line-up: a German Hefeweizen, an Old Ale and a light (in color, not in flavor) IPA.

    If you are interested, thirsty, or just want to know more about new brewing frontiers, we would love to hear your questions, comments and suggestions. We will keep you posted on actual production dates and upcoming events and tell you more about our methods and philosophy. If you know someone you think may be interested in our fine small-batch handcrafted ales, please let them know about us. And be sure to check out Below Grade Brewing’s ales at NorthWest Crossing’s 4th of July event this year (being held on Saturday, July 2nd in the NorthWest Crossing business center by Portello and La Rosa.)

    A little background…

    About eighteen years ago, Dean Wise decided to try making beer in his garage. Things went well (at least nothing blew up. . . and the beer was okay) but he wanted something more. Dean went from using a basic homebrew kit to creating his own recipes that included unheard of amounts of the finest malts and hops. Some questioned his sanity, but the result was exceptional beer his friends and family loved. So when he built his family’s home eight years ago, he outfitted a special room in the basement just for brewing. When it came time to name his brand, the name Below Grade Brewing seemed a natural fit.

    Below Grade Brewing LLC can be reached at 541 280 5704 or

    If you are not thirsty or don’t like fine ales, reply with “unsubscribe”
    to this e-mail and we’ll honor your request.

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