Beers on tap at The Little Woody

I had previously posted about Bend’s barrel-aged beer festival coming up this Saturday (the 12th), The Little Woody. It’s taking place downtown at the Deschutes Historical Museum lawn from noon until 10pm, and features one or more barrel-aged beers from all of Central Oregon’s microbrewers.

I also requested and received the beer list for what’s going to show up this Saturday—except for my other blog, I haven’t seen this show up anywhere else.

Here are the beers:

Bend Brewing

Barrel X
A limited release of our award winning Outback X aged for a year in a bourbon barrel. This is a deep mahogany beer with an aroma of rich malt balanced by hops and alcohol in the background. It fills the mouth with a medley of prickly hops, dry roasted malt and toasted oak.
O.G. = ?
Alc. by vol. = ?
IBUs = ?

Cascade Lakes Brewing

Skookum Strong Wood
This is a special version of our Skookum Creek Strong Ale. It starts out a medium-bodied strong ale with a noticeable hop presence. There are four hop varieties and eight different malts in this beer that provide the hop presence and malt complexity our region is known for. We then aged it in a bourbon barrel for 9-plus months, which lends notes of vanilla and toffee.
O.G. = 1.068
Alc. by Vol. = 7%
IBUs = 50

Paulina Lake Pilsner
This is a classic German style pilsner that’s light straw in color and well hopped with European noble hops, and fermented to a low final gravity. This leads to a beer with few residual sugars to create a dry crisp lager with higher hop bitterness and aroma than your typical American Lager. A perfect palette cleanser during a day of drinking barrel aged beers.
O.G. = 1.045
Alc by Vol = 4.5%
IBUs = 30

Deschutes Brewery

Lost Barrels of Mirror Mirror
After releasing this inspired barely wine last April as part of our Reserve Series, we found some “lost” barrels in the back corner of the warehouse. So, we set aside this special 100 percent barrel-aged version of Mirror Mirror for occasions such as this. This was brewed at our main brewery in a barrel previously used by Domaine Drouhin with Millenium and Cascade hops and four different malts.
O.G.= 1.102
Alc. by vol = 10.7%
IBUs = 51

Bond Street Bourbon Barrel Quad
A celebration of a classic Belgian-style ale with a Deschutes twist made with loving care in our Bond Street Pub using three different hops and two different malts. The barrel from which this beer originates was originally used to age bourbon by Makers Mark for 15 years.
O.G. = 1.087
Alc. by vol. = 9.3%
IBUs = 19

McMenamins Old St. Francis School

Reaper’s Demise Oktoberfest
This traditional Oktoberfest-style ale was aged in a McMenamins Hogshead whiskey barrel to help give a nice roundness and oaken flavor to an already malty and somewhat sweet beer. A medium hop flavor and aroma add nicely to the smooth aftertaste of whiskey while sipping the Reaper’s Demise. Beware as you might not get much work done harvesting the fields once you indulge yourself in this creation.
OG = 1.059
Alc. by vol. = 6.2%

Silver Moon Brewing

The Nekkid Creeper
This is an old-style strong ale aged several months in a fresh bourbon barrel with a fresh a floral aroma thanks to a generous Goldings dry hop and late kettle addition. Vanilla and oak dominate the nose along with alcohol due to the high gravity of this beer. The flavor is full bodied and mouth layering with a strong English malt background, toasty and bready. This beer is a dark mohagony in color and low in carbonation.
ABV = 9.1%
IBUs = 110

Bourbon Bite Porter
Our award-winning Snake Bite Porter aged in a fresh bourbon oak barrel. The aroma is that of roasted coffee, chocolate and a slight smokiness thanks to the black patent and chocolate malts, which satisfy the oakiness of our robust porter. Finishing dry, this porter has a big-mouth feel, along with the vanilla and sweet bourbon flavors, the roasted smoke character smoothes and compliments. Jet black in color a low carbonation level ensures a smooth tantalizing experience.
ABV = 5.2%
IBUs = 20

10 Barrel Brewing

Bourbon Barrel RIPA
A unique and generous blend of Ten Barrel’s original IPA and Rusty Barrel Red Ale, aged for several months in an oak bourbon barrel. This beer is deep amber in color with smooth ruby highlights. It has a full-bodied mouth feel that’s malty with hints of caramel and toffee. The beer uses six different types of malts and four hops to create a balanced hop bitterness and flavor, mingled with a smooth blend of bourbon, oak and vanilla.
Alc. by vol. = 7.5%
IBUs = 62

Three Creeks Brewing

Firewater Red
A big, balanced Red Ale with Northwest attitude, aged in a Hogshead Whiskey barrel. It took six malts and just over 10 pounds of hops (Columbus, Cluster, Willamette and Centennial) to create this Red ale that starts dry, offers a hint of malt sweetness in the middle and finishes with just the right amount of hop bitterness and evidence of whiskey that we were looking for.
OG = 1.058
Alc. by vol. = 5.8%

In addition, the Central Oregon Homebrewers Organization has two beers that will be available: both stouts, one is aged in a rum barrel and one in a whiskey barrel.

Every single one of these beers sounds really promising.