Beer history article

Interesting article here of a book review that delves into some Colonial American brewing history.

The early colonists brewed their own beer in house. There wasn’t a structured monetary system to go out and buy it and most homes were equipped with a small brew room. Taverns eventually cropped up as an edict by England in order to accommodate travelers, thus increasing trade and the economy. They’d later regret that – the tavern became the center of Revolutionary activity.

At first, most beer brewed in the 13 colonies was ale made with barley and the wild hops that grew in abundance and laden with clouds of yeast. It was fairly bitter. Colonists also made beer from corn, an idea they got from Native Americans. Eventually, ale was flavored and fermented with maple. At one time, Washington called for a boycott of English imports.

I always enjoy reading about American beer history (pre-Prohibition). I’ve read part of Brewed in America and wouldn’t mind Beer in America: The Early Years, 1587-1840. Anyone have any books to spare? :)