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I mentioned a "geeky homebrewer point of view" yesterday, and was interested when this article appeared today elsewhere: Understanding the beer geek. It’s an okay article, nothing too earth-shattering or meaningful, though. Although this one quote sounds to me like obsessive Star Trek fans arguing whether they’re referred to as "Trekkers" or "Trekkies"…

"I am a beer aficionado and a beer scholar and a beer historian," Brewer said. "The term beer geek originated about 10 years ago. People began describing themselves as beer geeks. It’s someone who is so absorbed with beer. It’s people who get over the top with anything. In Vail, you’re ski geeks."

Aficionados, on the other hand, Brewer said, are better educated and most of them are in technical professions.

Sometimes I wish there was an easy way to emote "rolling my eyes" online. I really don’t see any difference. Beer geek, aficianado, whatever, they’re all sides of the same coin.

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