Beer blogs

The other day I was contacted by a guy who had just launched a new beer and drink blog, called Lyke 2 Drink. It’s well-written and I’m enjoying it; the description is

Lyke 2 Drink is a blog created by Rick Lyke, a veteran drinks journalist, covering beers, wines and spirits; alcohol issues; travel to breweries, distilleries and wineries; festivals and events; and industry news.

Worth checking out; I’m subscribed.

It got me to thinking, too, that I really don’t have a list of all the beer blogs/news sites I’m subscribed to anywhere on the site (the blogroll, as it were). High time I remedied that. So now you can click through to the Reading List page and see all the various beer sources I’m subscribed to (it looks like a lot, but not all of them are updated daily).


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