Meeting beer bloggers at the Oregon Brewers Festival?

Caught this post over on SudsPundit:

If you’d like to meet your favorite beer blogger live and in person—or if you’d like to meet me—head on out to the Oregon Brewer’s Festival this July. Lisa and Ken have graciously offered to host M and I, and I have just booked our flights.

It got me thinking… this may be a year that I can actually go to the Oregon BrewFest, and if so, perhaps we should have a beer blogger meetup? Or even just meet up with anyone who reads this and other beer blogs?

The Oregon BrewFest is taking place from July 27th through the 30th this year. And the list of participating breweries (and their beers) is up, too, so plan ahead. I’ll post more as I know better what my plans are looking like…


  1. Name a time and a place and I’ll be there, unless the temp. cracks 100 again this year, in which case I’ll be hiding in my basement drinking beer.

  2. What Chris says. (Hey, does Belmont Station have a basement? And will it still be BS when it’s no longer on Belmont?)

  3. No, we don’t have a basement. We do have a couple nice walkin coolers though 😉

    The powers that be think the name recognition and internet traffic we’ve built up is worth any confusion that will be caused upon moving so we’ll continue using the Belmont Station name. I guess it’ll just add to the quirk factor of the place.

  4. I think a beer blogger meetup at the OBF is an excellent idea. I already know that Bad Ben of Bad Ben’s Brewing Blog will be there as well. And is seems that a good portion of the active beer bloggers are OR-based anyway…

    I’ll post a bleg for suggestions as to a good place to meet up, and see what happens. Should be fun.

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