Beer archaeology

As the title suggests, a couple of historical-archaeological beer-related stories to post about. The first is from the Portland Communique, an historical footnote about Skidmore Fountain in Portland (Oregon), located between SW Burnside and Ankeny, and between 1st and Front. In 1888, for the unveiling ceremony for the fountain, brewer Henry Weinhard offered to fill the fountain with free beer for a day. Imagine, free beer flowing from a fountain… Anyway, he was turned down. More’s the pity.

The other item is darker in tone: Man Dies Looking for Artifacts.

An amateur archeologist looking for remnants of a demolished brewery near the 101 Freeway died Tuesday night when a dirt berm collapsed on top of him and another collector, fire officials said. A group of four people was searching for artifacts at the site of the former Maier Brewing Co. near 417 Commercial St., just south of the 101 Freeway. The brewery – known for its Brew 102 and other brands of beer – stood on the plot for more than a century and housed a bottling plant, malt house, refrigeration cellars and a stable and blacksmith shop for horse-drawn delivery wagons. The brewery was demolished in the 1980s.

Poor guy. Digging at the site of a former brewery, that sounds like something I would do.


  1. I still remember the giant Brew 102 billboard over the brewery, the brewery wall was just a few feet from the freeway fence at one point.

  2. I have B/W pictures of the 102 brewery in downtown LA. Brew 102 was the only beer we could affort in the mid ’60’s, as the call to the beach and surf kept us from working steady jobs. Then we got drafted!

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