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"Beer is Back" Prohibition products

Going through the press kit that Anheuser-Busch sent me for their "Beer is Back" campaign, I find the products that A-B produced during the Prohibition years fascinating. The main reference I have for these from the kit is imagery; what follows are some examples.

Along with non-alcohol Budweiser (think "near beer"), they produced other malt-based and soft drinks. First, Bevo:

Then, ginger ale:

Yes, the tagline says, "Makes an excellent horse’s neck." No, I don’t know what that means.

Of course, like many struggling brewers, A-B produced malt and yeast (but never to be combined!). An example ad for malt:

Perhaps the malt syrup could be poured over Anheuser-Busch brand ice cream. Yes, ice cream—another staple produced by brewers, whose vats and tanks and large-scale refrigeration equipment required minimal conversion:

And finally, this next image is so oddball enough that I couldn’t not post it:

No, I have no context for this image whatsoever. But I like it.