Beer calories

Over on A Roughneck’s Take on Beer Wörtwurst has posted a link to a handy chart on listing alcohol content and calories on many brands of beer. Pretty interesting and illuminating, having that compiled together in a handy format; something I can use later, I think.

He’s also found or put together a fun chart showing the "Fluid Ounces of Alcohol per Calorie" for many of those beers. Very interesting, though I’m not sure if it tells us anything useful or is just a curiosity. Worth checking, though.

4 Responses to Beer calories

  1. Travis says:

    Is there any way of figuring out the calories in a homebrew?

  2. Jon says:

    You know, I really don’t know; I imagine there must be a formula, knowing the ingredients used, the original and final gravities and alcohol content… I’ll Google it.

  3. Wörtwurst says:

    The "Fluid Ounces of Alcohol per Calorie" came from site I google photo searched. It’s obtuse enough that I’m sure somebody will do a post on it at some point and sound BRAINY! Too much thinking for my mush brain though.

  4. brandon says:

    Anyone know the calories in 12 ounces of chimay ale, or where I could get that info?