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Beer Bloggers Conference – Portland

This year’s Beer Bloggers Conference (which I don’t believe I’ve talked about yet) is talking place August 19th through 21st in Portland (Oregon)—relatively close to home for me. The overall agenda is still being finalized, but so far it’s looking really good: a dual-keynote speech from Fred Eckhardt and John Foyston; tours of Oregon hop fields; a Thursday-evening pub crawl organized by Portland beer bloggers; closing keynote from Jay Wilson. Of course there will be beer tastings and live blogging, and (hopefully) some really good sessions to attend.

Conference prices start at $95 which seems to me to be a really good deal, though you’ll need to arrange your own travel and lodging. (It’s taking place at the Portland Doubletree, across the street from the Lloyd Center Mall, and there are room packages available in conjunction with the conference.)

I will probably be going, I just have some details left to iron out before committing. And I’d like to see a big group attending too; currently, there are 28 registered to attend (as of May 31). Now’s the time to get registered; Portland is an amazing city for beer and I think it’s going to be a really good conference. Go get registered.