Beer Bloggers Conference live beer blogging

Live beer blogging! I’ll be updating this live for the next 40 or so minutes (and I’ll have pictures later).

First up: Widmer Brothers Prickly Pear Braggot, from 2010. This has really aged well and was presented to us by Rob Widmer himself. 10% abv. Fruity, nice mead character, almost a wine-like quality.

Next is Karl Strauss Boardwalk Black Rye, presented by Ryan Ross. 8%abv, kind of a Black Rye IPA/CDA/whatever you want to call it. Nice, spicy rye character and hoppy body, nice roast—definite CDA characteristics with a dry rye twist.

Third is Blue Moon Vintage Blonde Ale, presented by Lisa Zimmer: an ale made with 100% white wheat, no barley (which I find extremely interesting) and Chardonnay grape juice. Light, very drinkable, 8.5%abv, bubbly and interesting; somewhat champagne-like.

Fourth is New Planet Off Grid Pale Ale, a gluten free beer made with sorghum, brown rice, molasses, tapioca, maltodextrin, presented by Danielle Quatrochi. Nutty, spicy, I can tell it’s gluten free but it’s a tastier one than I’ve had in the past. I can taste the brown rice, I think, along with toasted bread crust.

Fifth is Ninkasi Total Domination IPA, presented by Jamie Floyd in a Darth Vader costume(!). Great beer, super drinkable, and can’t beat the presentation. Apparently Jamie is wearing his Darth Vader for Ninkasi’s winter seasonal Imperial Stout, Imperiale. It will only be available in the Ninkasi four-pack though.

Sixth is Deschutes Jubelale 2011! This one hasn’t been released yet (it’s this year’s seasonal), and is being presented by Veronica Vega. Fantastic nose on this one, and it’s just as good as Jubel should be (one of my absolute favorite Deschutes beers).

Seventh, Matt Van Wyk brings us Oakshire Overcast Espresso Stout, rich and full of coffee notes that’s super smooth. It’s 5.8%abv, with an oatmeal stout as a base, and the beans are locally roasted and cold-steeped in cold water for 13 hours to add to it. Right now it’s made in their 80-barrel fermenter and takes 50 gallons of espresso per batch (100 pounds of coffee!).

The final beer is Breakside Brewery‘s Gin Barrel Sour Double Wit, presented by Ben Edmunds. It’s a lacto-soured Belgian style wit full of lactic and citric sour aromas and is super-tart and clean on the tongue, a bit dry in the finish. 7.1%abv. I’m finding almost a berry character in the beer, like fresh tart blackberries. I’m not getting any gin/juniper from it though.