Beer Angels Super Secret Deschutes Barrel Tasting

What a night last night. As part of the Central Oregon Beer Angels, I signed up for their June event for a Deschutes Brewery Barrel Tasting at a super secret location. I’ve been there once before and knew it was going to be a great event tasting beers that are aging and knew I had to attend!

Many things were talked about with Barrel Master Ryan Schmiege, but it’s like Fight Club, rule #1, we don’t talk about what happened last night. Ok, maybe a little. There’s some tasty beer aging and I have some news on this year’s Abyss release. While I didn’t catch all of what’s in this year’s release, I do know there’s more oak aging in the main release and there’s 2 special releases. A rye oak Abyss and a Cognac Abyss! I know Jon will be interested in all 3!

A taste of S’Quad (had that at the Portland Pub at the CBC party) and it was fantastic, like a fine wine. I hear it’s going to be in the Bend pub soon, so watch out for that! One more tidbit, there’s some Fred that was brewed up using Hair of the Dog‘s recipe and will be released at some point. Very very good!

Amazing event with a great food spread and I paired some of the bottled beers with some of my “dessert” (M&M’s) to get more depth of flavors with Mirror Mirror and Jubel 2015. If you ever get a chance to be invited to Deschutes Brewery Barrel location, say YES. It’s an experience. If not, please enjoy the barrel aged beers and sours from the Bend and Portland pubs and of course, a bottle from your favorite shop! Thanks for a great night Beer Angels!

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