BBC 14: Day two quick notes

The second day of the Beer Bloggers Conference was a full one with a ton of great information—too much to fit into a single blog post, but I wanted to post a few salient notes.

Ken Grossman

First off, a surprising (tech) fact: WordPress, the software that powers this and many other blogs, now accounts for an astounding 22% of all websites. As a web developer by trade that is pretty astounding to me.

The Beer Blogging Ethics panel was excellent and provided the most interaction and feedback of the day (for sessions—not counting actually drinking beer!). I’m pleased that most or all of our fellow bloggers just seem to get it, even though the ethics of beer blogging is still a gray area. Warrants further thought and longer post.

Ken Grossman’s keynote speech was fantastic, providing fascinating history of the founding of Sierra Nevada Brewing as well as informative Q&A. Ken sat next to me at lunch at the Yard House prior to that and chatted with us. Genuinely nice guy who was interested in learning more about what we do.

And it was during Ken’s keynote that next year’s BBC was announced: Asheville, North Carolina, July 17 through 19. Asheville is one of the most vibrant beer scenes in the country, so that will be great. (Bend, Oregon next?)