Back from vacation

We’re back from our vacation, with a few beer stories to relate. (Actually, we got back on Sunday, but I’ve been catching up on everything else and decompressing.) I don’t have them ready to post, yet, but here’s a bit of an overview:

  • Though we didn’t visit Granville Island Brewing in Vancouver, B.C., itself, I did have a couple of their beers while out to dinner in Vancouver.
  • The beer on the cruise ship was dull! Mostly Bud, Miller, Coors, with some Heinekein and Bass Ale thrown in for good measure.
  • We visited the Alaskan Brewing Company in Juneau. I’ll have a review and pictures.
  • We sort of visited the Skagway Brewing Company in Skagway, Alaska. I say "sort of" because the actual brewery closed down three years ago, and all that’s left is the gift shop.