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Our San Diego trip was really good, and I managed to squeeze in a few beer things along the way. Actually, that wasn’t hard since my brother is into good beer and Double IPAs these days. Among other things I’ll be blogging about:

Probably a few other things too. San Diego, like Portland (and Oregon in general) is fertile ground for beer exploration and writing.

On an unrelated note, while away the news broke that Michael Jackson died. You know this. However, the day this happened, I noticed (during one of the infrequent times I was online) that the site here was down. I couldn’t figure out why, but I didn’t put two-and-two together: apparently the whole internet was searching about Jackson’s death, and one of the items that was coming up was this blog post about Michael Jackson (the Beer Writer) passing away—two years ago.

It was this flood of traffic that forced the provider hosting this server to take the Brew Site offline for a few hours until the traffic abated.

Is that a milestone for a beer blog? Getting your server provider overwhelmed? Unfortunately, they shut down the site too soon to get meaningful numbers about how many hits the site was getting.