Axe Head Red from Bend Brewing Company

This press release on touts our local Bend Brewing Company‘s newest beer, Axe Head Red.

In spring of 1905, Bend’s first fire destroyed the O’Kane Saloon and encouraged city officials to organize a volunteer fire department. In honor of that inflammatory incident, and the protection of our fine city by the men and women of the Bend Fire Department in the 100 years since, Bend Brewing Co. has brewed the special commemorative ale Axe Head Red, to be released February 1.

There is nothing timid about Axe Head Red’s brave, full flavor. Appropriately, Centennial Hops add a spicy, bittersweet finish to the underlying lush fruit tones, reminiscent of cherries and raisins. Simultaneously courageously malty and fearlessly hoppy, Axe Head Red is robust, spirited, and worthy of any hero.

Sounds good. I still have some gift certificates to Bend Brewing from Christmas lying around somewhere…