Fruit Beers

This article got me thinking about fruit beers. Love ’em or hate ’em? I’ve generally found that beer drinkers have the strongest opinions on fruit beer. Done right, of course, they are simply awesome (your mileage may vary). Done wrong, well… Some notably good fruit beers I’ve had include: Pyramid‘s … Continue reading

Breweriana Primer

Interesting little article from about breweriana—basically just an introductory piece. "Breweriana" is simply a more complicated way of saying "beer collectibles." From the article ("It’s all about the beer"… heh): There are print ads, ashtrays, bottles, cans, caps, clocks, coasters, posters, tap handles, mirrors, coolers, hats, playing cards, tin … Continue reading

Beer health warnings

From the BBC News comes this article about how Scottish & Newcastle, the biggest brewer in the UK, is going to start putting health warnings on all of their beers. [The labels] will list the units of alcohol in each. It will add a message urging drinkers not to exceed … Continue reading

Some Pabst History

Some Pabst history this weekend, courtesy of The Journal Times and Wikipedia. From the Glad You Asked column at the Journal Times’ site: [Pabst Blue Ribbon] was originally named Select, but people kept asking for the "Blue Ribbon" beer when Pabst brewing started tying blue-silk ribbons to the bottles in … Continue reading

Glitch in comments

I just fixed a technical glitch that was preventing anyone from entering comments on a post that already had a comment entered on it… the entire form was gone. Yeesh. Some days technology drives me nuts.

Ginseng Beer

I noted this when it first appeared, but didn’t blog it (I was still prepping for relaunching this site), and now I’m taking a second look (thanks to this post on Utterly Boring and this one on Rooftop Brew. Anheuser-Busch is brewing beer infused with caffeine, guarana and ginseng. It’s … Continue reading

McMenamins Grand Opening in Bend

Via this evening: Dates and rates set for McMenamins big opening. The grand opening of McMenamins Old St. Francis School in Bend is November 18th through 20th. Mark your calendars! Live music will fill the hallways as the Freak Mountain Ramblers get the party started each night of the … Continue reading

Why Not?

Following right on the heels of my Imperial Beers post where I wrote about going wild and experimenting with brewing, this post on the I.M. Hammered Brewing blog is great. Why Not: That is the mantra of homebrewers. Why Not!!! You can’t put wheat yeast in a stout wort!! Why … Continue reading

Beer Site Rundown

Here’s a (non-comprehensive) rundown of some of the other beer websites out there. Real Beer: Probably the biggest and best-organized site around. Forums, e-commerce, events, brewery listings, news, etc. etc. However, I can’t find any RSS feeds anywhere on the site (lame), the events calendar pages are highly unwieldly, and … Continue reading

Imperial Beers

This thread on Usenet, while starting out as a review of an Oktoberfest beer, takes to task the trend of brewing "Imperial" style beers. For some background, "Imperial" originally referred to the Russian Imperial Stout style of beer, which is a highly-hopped, high gravity stout with alcohol typically in the … Continue reading