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Portland Brewing Rose Hip Gold

Portland Brewing’s spring seasonal, of which they sent me a sample¬†recently, is their Rose Hip Gold, a “Belgian-style ale with notes of fruit and spice and a little citrusy bite from a generous addition of rose hips in the kettle.” I believe they had first released this last year as a new beer in the revamped (re-birthed?) retro line of branding Portland Brewing was undergoing (since they were originally Portland, then MacTarnahan’s, then back). With … Continue reading →

The Session #85: Why Do You Drink?

This month marks another first Friday where I didn’t get my post for The Session written on the actual day—hopefully this won’t become a trend, but for now, let’s take a look at this month’s Session topic. It was hosted by Douglas of Baltimore Bistros & Beer, and he’s chosen a surely-provocative theme: Why do you drink? There are plenty of people out there who wish that alcohol consumption ceased to take place and would … Continue reading →

Deschutes Mirror Mirror media event

Today is the release celebration for the first of Deschutes Brewery‘s 2014 Reserve Series beers, Mirror Mirror, which is taking place at both Pubs all day long. (Event pages here and here.) As a precursor to today’s celebrations, Deschutes hosted a media event last night at their “secret” barrel warehouse, pouring up samples of Mirror Mirror and two other beers along with homemade crackers, while brewer Ryan¬†Schmiege and owner Gary Fish talked about the beer … Continue reading →