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Oregon Beer News – Summer Break!

I’m sure there are folks out there waiting with baited breath for my Oregon Beer News posts (hah!), but it’s time to go on hiatus and take summer break off from the daily posts. I’ll still be blogging, just not the ongoing-during-the-day news. Plus I’ll be prepping for the Beer Bloggers Conference coming up next month, and the calendar in general is filling up throughout the summer that will keep me away from the computer. … Continue reading →

Public Coast Brewing is now open in Cannon Beach

One of the state’s newest breweries is now open on the Oregon Coast: Public Coast Brewing in Cannon Beach. They are joining the lontime Bill’s Tavern and the recently-opened Pelican Brewing pub. Cannon Beach (population 1,690) is becoming quite the brewery town! Seems like a pretty organized affair, based on the press release they sent out: Ryan Snyder, president of Martin Hospitality, announced the opening of Public Coast Brewing Co. today in Cannon Beach. Construction … Continue reading →

The Session #112: The Other Beer Economy

This month’s edition of The Session is hosted by Carla Jean Lauter, The Beer Babe, who wants us to write about The Other Beer Economy: Growing alongside of the boom of breweries are many small businesses that are supporting, or supported by the craft beer industry. Yet, we rarely give these businesses a second thought. They are the second beer economy, often operating behind-the-scenes. I think we could give them a bit more credit for … Continue reading →

5,000-year-old Chinese brewery, and beer recipe

I’m a bit behind blogging about this, but I thought it was pretty interesting: evidence of a 5,000 year old brewery was recently uncovered in China. What seems to be significant about this find is that barley had not been known to be in China this early; researchers suggest the possibility¬†of barley arriving with the knowledge of its use in brewing, which could have interesting implications. Archaeologists uncovered ancient “beer-making tool kits” in underground rooms … Continue reading →