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Advent Beer Calendar 2014: Day 13: Sebago Slick Nick Long Winter Ale

Today’s pick comes from Sebago Brewing in Maine, which was established in 1998 as a brewpub and has since expanded into four brewpubs and a production brewery. They boast a lineup of about 12 regular and seasonal beers, plus a variety of single batch and specialties. Maine is known for its long, cold winters, so appropriately, Sebago’s winter ale is named Slick Nick Long Winter Ale—and I like to think the “Nick” in the name … Continue reading →

Advent Beer Calendar 2014: Day 12: Anchor Christmas Ale

Today, the 12th, marks the halfway point for the Beer Advent Calendar, and I’ve chosen one of my favorite Christmas beers for today’s Advent pick—one that has been featured every single year I’ve been doing this calendar: Anchor Christmas Ale. It was first brewed in 1975, and this year is the fortieth annual version! Anchor is considered by some to be America’s first craft brewery since Prohibition, influencing and setting the mold for the small … Continue reading →

Advent Beer Calendar 2014: Day 11: Fat Head’s Holly Jolly Christmas Ale

Today’s Advent beer pick is one you can get at two opposite ends of the country: Fat Head’s Holly Jolly Christmas Ale. Fat Head’s Brewery originated in Cleveland, Ohio, has an additional location in Pittsburgh, and just recently opened up their newest location in Portland, Oregon—quite a leap! I was in Portland myself last weekend for a book signing and had the pleasure of sampling Holly Jolly myself and it inspired me to include it on … Continue reading →

Advent Beer Calendar 2014: Day 10: De Ranke Père Noël

In French-speaking regions of the world, Père Noël is the Christmas gift-bringer analogous to Santa Claus or Father Christmas (which is in fact the literal translation of “Père Noël”). So it’s a fun play to find a Christmas beer named the same, which is what Belgium’s Brouwerij De Ranke brews each year for the holidays in their De Ranke Père Noël. Père Noël is a Christmas ale, though very different from any other Christmas ales … Continue reading →

A unique beer calendar for 2015

The Bend Brew Daddy, aka Matthew Ward, is a photographer, fellow craft beer geek, and blogger and friend of mine based here in Bend, Oregon, and over the past year he’s been making a name for himself in the local craft beer scene with his stunning beertography. You can follow his Instagram account to see his work, and he sells framed prints as well (and has photos on display at local breweries and beer establishments). … Continue reading →