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Anchors Away!

This will probably be surprising but of the dozens of breweries I’ve visited I’ve never once taken the opportunity to tour the facility. I’m uncertain whether it was reluctance or an obsession in reaching the tasting room/bar quicker but that all came to a screeching halt with a recent tour of the San Francisco landmark, and American craft beer legend, Anchor Brewing Company. The tour was courtesy of the amazing Jann and James Robinson—who’d won … Continue reading →

SF Beer Week…by way of San Diego

San Francisco Beer Week is an amazing extravaganza of beer and community that resonates throughout the Bay Area and this year’s ran from February 8-17. For the launch of this incredible event… I thought it would be fun to instead pay visit my old home of San Diego for the weekend! I lived in San Diego for about 10 years and while I honestly never particularly liked living down there I have enjoyed my visits … Continue reading →

Hopocalypse Now!

It’s been a fair amount of time since I got a chance to visit a brewery solely for a beer release party so when I got a postcard announcing the coming of the Hopocalypse at Drake’s Brewing I knew I had to taste the end of days. The Barrel House, where the event was being held, is located in the loading docks of a mall in San Leandro, California and the posted start time was … Continue reading →

To Jupiter…and beyond!

“O that Jupiter would but bring back to me the years that have passed.” – Virgil On a recent Friday my boss and I took the afternoon to do a serious script breakdown for an upcoming project. It was a gorgeous afternoon and we wanted to sit outside and enjoy some pints while working—so we opted for the Berkeley institution, Jupiter. Located (literally) around the corner from the University of California: Berkeley campus it definitely … Continue reading →

Vive la (Beer) Revolution!

When I moved to the Bay Area a few months ago, many friends and colleagues, knowing my love of beer, recommended Oakland’s Beer Revolution as a must-visit. It sounded like a place I could disappear into for days but sadly it took me a while to make it over (despite it only being about 5 miles from my office). The stars aligned recently and my co-workers and I stopped in ready to join the revolution. … Continue reading →